Chemo Essentials

  1. Water and or juice Bring juice and or water to stay hydrated
  2. Snacks Bring snacks such as cookies, small packages of peanut butter and crackers, peppermint candies are also helpful for dry mouth and ginger candies relieve nausea.
  3. Entertainment Small knitting projects like hats and scarves to keep you busy, puzzles, electronic game devises and books
  4. Comfy and Cozy Slippers or socks, blanket, pillow, a fuzzy stuffed friend, hat and comfy clothes

Good preparation is the key to comfort! Your infusion nurses will do what they can to keep you settled and comfortable..

We also provide snacks, water, juice, ensure, blankets, pillows, hats (donated from our generous patients and wonderful community) books, magazines and tablets to enjoy a movie or two..